2004 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 – A new wind

A name which should bring good luck as the Breva is a wind which blows over Lake Como – where Moto Guzzi is based – coming from the south and bringing fine weather.
A way of emphasising, also with the name, the “breath of fresh air” in Guzzi, picking up all the inheritance of the past and giving it new form and new technology. The Breva is the first sign of a new way of living, closer to the habits and needs of a vast public.

The simple essential lines trace out a form which seems ready to leap out onto the roads, communicating the concept inspiring the design even from the outside.
The BREVA is a new entry level from Moto Guzzi, a bike which breathes new life into the 750 cc segment – the important first approach to a motorcycle suitable for everyone – always pleasant and safe to ride.

With its attractive look, the Moto Guzzi BREVA is even more gratifying and pleasant to ride as it has been designed to give even those who have never before climbed onto a saddle the possibility of having fun straight away. The riding position is natural and the anatomic shape of the tank enables even the tallest of iders to keep their knees tight in, forming a single block with the bike.

Travelling in comfort, even in company. Particular attention has been dedicated to the mechanics, designed for touring use, in line with the Moto Guzzi tradition.
Particularly easy to handle thanks to the light weight and small size, it is also comfortable when riding two up, thanks to the configuration and generous padding of the saddle.

The manoeuvrability is backed by the engine, a 90° V twin, reworked and corrected in line with the latest developments in technology and fitted with electronic injection.
The high engine torque, present right from low revs, guarantees a relaxing ride even for less expert motorcyclists. Output is “full” and linear and acceleration surprising, for immediate take off from stationary and problem free overtaking to offer even more safety.
More sporty riders won’t fail to appreciate the position of the exhaust – short and sloping upwards – for unequalled handling, even on routes calling for the bike to be got down repeatedly.

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