2006ish Victory Standard Naked Bike

Victory is on the move, BIG TIME. They are moving away from the Harley-Davidson design and into current and future technology. With Inverted forks, bembo brakes, and loads of other technological goodies only found on Japanese motorcycles, Victory is looking to score on the technological and styling front. Their cruisers are marketed for “more sophisticated riders” who appreciate a good cutting-edge bike with a style to match. They are promising 1-2 NEW BIKES a year and since it now only takes them 25 minutes from start to finish to make each bike, production is booming. They are more American built than ANY other production motorcycle manufacturer (including Harley-Davidson!). In just their first 5 years of production (amazing they are only 5 years old) sales are growing by leaps and bounds. Sales of the new Victory Kingpin for example in January 2004 are greater than all sales of 2003!

Victory was kind to let us know what is coming down the pipe for 2005 and 2006. These new 2005 and 2006 motorcycle models could have buyers running to the nearest Victory dealership!!

For the 2005/2006 model year, Victory is going to be introducing both a Naked standard and a Sport Bike based off its now legendary V-Twin engine! With Victory’s technological attitude, it could give the new motorcycles a great platform with lots of low down torque (power) and massive “made in the USA” styling. Looks for the Victory Standard Naked motorcycle will not be unlike Yamaha’s MT-01 concept motorcycle from years ago. The Yamaha MT-01 is based on the 1600cc cruiser engine.

Keep your eyes open and your bank account full, because when Victory does start introducing these motorcycles, get ready to buy one before they are all gone!

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