Honda Rune – Style. Attitude. Performance.

Could 2004 really be the last year for the Honda Valkyrie Rune?

The Honda Valkyrie Rune. A dream. An icon. A legend. A machine that will change the definition of cruiser. Forever. Introducing the Rune. It’ll only take a second to know it’s different, but you’ll appreciate it for a lifetime.Style. Attitude. Performance.

Do you remember the T2 concept bike Honda revealed in the March/April 2001 issue of Honda Red Rider? Essentially, the Valkyrie Rune takes the T2 concept to the production line, and will be available in limited numbers. The Valkyrie Rune incorporates a unique diamond-shaped aluminum frame for robust strength along with light weight, plus a fuel-injected 1832cc engine based on the GL1800 power plant. Before you think the Valkyrie Rune is merely a hot-rod exercise in radical style, take a look at the bike’s innovative suspension systems.

Meanwhile, styling element after styling element tears at your eyeballs, vying for attention. Where to look? At the chromed cylinder head covers evocative of muscle car hardware? The gorgeous, smoothly flowing six-into-two exhaust system so artfully sculpted into place? The brawny disc brakes, which are the largest ever mounted on a Honda motorcycle? Or how about the gracefully flowing lines of the neo/retro low-slung bodywork with the solo seat that beckons you to slide aboard for the ride of your life? The Valkyrie Rune redefines the ultimate performance custom.

The information we got from Honda is that 2005 could very well be the LAST YEAR for the Honda Rune. If anything small will happen it could be a new paint job for 2005. But information has it that Honda could be redesigning the 2006 Honda Rune into something new… Asked if they are considering any of the Rune T-Concept bikes gave us a “no comment” responce…

If the 2004 model impressed us, 2006 will surely hold some Honda Magic!

The Honda Valkyrie Rune concept motorcycles, T1, T2, T3 and T4. The current (2004) Honda Rune is closest to T3. Could the new 2005/2006 one be T1, T3 or T4?

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