2005 Buell Lightning CityX – XB9SX

2005 Buell Lightning CityX – XB9SX

You’ve never seen anything like this before. The naked bike goes rude in the new Lightning CityX It’s translucent Hero Blue body work – the first ever on a motorcycle – is an all out assult on status-quo. Get ready to make some noise. It’s an off-ramp carving, traffic dodging motorcycle that’s ready for anything.

The Lightning CityX XB9SX (pronounced the Lightning City Cross); this new design has taken the place of Buell’s Lightning XB9S model.

“The Lightning CityX is our urban streetfighter, a bike that’s especially suited for aggressive city riding,” said Erik Buell, chairman and chief technical officer at Buell Motorcycle Company. “This is a bike for the rider who loves to dodge traffic, power away from lights and utilize the incredible agility of a sport motorcycle to charge through the asphalt jungle.”

The new XB9SX is powered by the same air-cooled 984cc 45-degree fuel-injected V-Twin Thunderstorm that the 9-series has been equipped with since its inception. The chassis is the same basic platform as the Lightning and Firebolt models where the large aluminum frame doubles as a fuel tank – holding 3.7 gallons – and the swingarm houses the oil reservoir.


Torque: 70 ft/lbs @5,500 rpm

Engine: Thunderstorm 984cc V-Twin

Wheelbase: 52in, 1320mm

Max Lean: 50°

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