2005 Yamaha MT01 (MT-01)

2005 Yamaha MT01 (MT-01)

2005 Yamaha MT01 (MT-01)

2005 Yamaha MT01 (MT-01)

2005 Yamaha MT01 (MT-01)

2005 Yamaha MT01 (MT-01)

2005 Yamaha MT-01

Features & Benefits

The heart of the MT-01 is its engine – a massive, air-cooled 1,670cc V-twin drumming out its own kind of heartbeat that will reverberate through motorcycling history. This is iconic sports perforumance like nothing else on the street, unleashing mega torque and a throbbing exhaust note from its long-stroke crankshaft, forged pistons, ultra-efficient pent roof combustion chambers and ceramic composite-plated cylinders.

This monumental V-win has been tuned for Torque Sports. At low rpm the massive pulsing torque output delivers an instant rush of thrust. And at increased revs – peak torque arrives at 3,750 rpm – that thrust grows and swells to produce astonishing sports performance.

The low-mass crankshaft encourages easy-revving performance, while the tall-ratio gearbox allows you to use the incomparable torque output to maximum effect. In other words, no matter where the revs are, the enjoyment is all yours with MT-01.


With a bike like the MT-01 the engine has got to be the centre of attention, so when we came to designing the frame we wanted it to be minimal, to allow the engine to rule, and yet great to look at. Which is why we used our exclusive CF die-cast castings, giving us the freedom to create a weldless frame that is stiff, light, compact and stunning to look at. The upside-down truss-style swingarm – similar to the arm used on our YZF-R1 supersport weapon – is also cast aluminium for an optmum stiffness/flex ratio, contributing to the bike’s confidence-inspiring handling.

Additional Features:

The MT-01 breathes in and lives. Yamaha engineers focused special attention on the bike’s intake system, working to cram the delivery of fresh, dense air into those massive cylinders for a lusty, big-torque feeling. Air enters the large-capacity, variable intake downdraft airbox – neatly housed within the frame – to feed the digital fuel injection system, featuring twin-bore downdraft injectors for astonishing low-rpm performance and translent power characteristics.

The Mo-01 lives and breathes out. It feeds on gasholine and air, the burned mix exhaling through a titanium exhaust system that maximises the MT-01’s pounding heartbeat. Superbly sculpted from large-radius curves for reduced exhaust-flow resistance, the exhaust system – featuring a muffler cover cooling system – uses Yamaha’s renowned Supersport-bred EXUP device, for enhanced tow-rpm torque, and culminates in magnificent twin mufflers that emit a rhythmic, throbbing beat you can both feel and hear.

Just in front of you, the MT-01’s dash panel tells the story of every mile travelled, its 3D-effect analogue techo marking every heartbeat, its digital speedo so easy to read. Even the instrument illumination contributes to the MT-01 riding experience, with individually adjustable backlighting for each device.


Type: 4 stroke, V-Twin engine Air cooled

Weight: 505lbs

Displacement: 1,670cc

Bore and Stroke: 97 x 113mm

Compression Ratio: 8.36:1

Max Power: 90hp (66.3 kW) @ 4,750 rpm

Max Torque: 110.7ft-lbs (150.1 Nm) @ 3,750

Lubrication: Dry sump

Fuel Supply: Fuel injection

Clutch Type: Wet, multiple-disc

Ignition: TCI

Starter System: Electric

Transmission: Constant mesh, 5 speed

Final Transmission: Chain

Colours: Silver Tech (S3); Deep Armor (UDUM1)

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