2002 Suzuki GS500E

2002 Suzuki GS500E


Suzuki’s street bike line has a solid reputation as having some of the best values in the industry. Versatile machines that have broad appeal, they offer the right combination of price, performance and style. For 2002 all three models are back with all the style, performance and value you’ve come to expect from Suzuki as well as a new addition to the Suzuki street line-up: the all new 2002 DL1000 V-Strom, a multi-purpose machine combining strong V-twin performance, easy handing and distinct styling to create Suzuki’s first Sport Enduro Tourer.


Entry-level riders are faced with a multitude of decisions when choosing a new motorcycle. The recently re-designed GS500 has all the right features to get new riders started and keep them having fun as their riding skills improve. The 4-stroke twin-cylinder 487cc air-cooled engine has a broad powerband while still remaining slim, light and easy to handle. Other features include wide upright handlebars and a comfortable seat creating a perfect perch for riders of all skill levels. Experienced riders will appreciate the six-speed transmission and high rpm redline, as well as the rigid box section frame, single-shock rear suspension and large front disc brake.

The GS500 comes equipped in a brand new black color scheme for 2002, and maintains the stylish seat, tank, instruments, and tail section of the previous year. Add it all up and the GS500 creates the perfect platform for experienced and entry-level riders alike at an unbelievable price of just over $4000.


Suggested Retail: $4,399.00
Engine Type: 4-stroke, twin-cylinder, air-cooled
Bore and Stroke: 74.0 mm x 56.6 mm
Front Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc
Wheelbase: 1,405 mm (55.3 in.)
Dry Weight: 173 kg (381 lbs)


Overall Length: 2,075 mm (81.7 in)
Overall Width: 745 mm (29.3 in)
Overall Height: 1,045 mm (41.1 in)
Seat Height: 790 m (31.1 in)
Ground Clearance: 155 mm (6.1 in)
Wheelbase: 1,405 mm (55.3 in.)
Dry Weight: 173 kg (381 lbs)
Engine type: Air-cooled 487 cc inline-2, DOHC, 4 valves. 47 hp (34,3 kW)/ 9.200 rpm, 40 Nm/ 7.400 rpm.

Specifications are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations.

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