2006 BMW F800ST

2006 BMW F800ST

2006 BMW F800ST

2006 BMW F 800 ST

The F 800 ST, the new medium category sports touring bike, also has touring-oriented equipment. Unlike the sporty F 800 S there is full trim, a high windshield, an aluminium luggage bridge as standard. The raised handlebars of the F 800 ST ensure an ergonomically favourable seating position. This model’s comfort defines new standards in the medium category and means it is predestined for lengthy trips – either singly or with a pillion passenger.

The dry weight of the F 800 ST is under 190 kg, with a road-ready (DIN empty) weight below 210 kg. The two F models only differ in these technical specifications.

The newly designed 2-cylinder in-line engine, developed in collaboration with Bombardier-Rotax GmbH as a 4-valve unit, is also installed in the F 800 ST. A top performance figure above 60 kW (more than 80 bhp) and the corresponding revving capacity ensure that more ambitious sporty requirements are fulfilled. The high compression ratio of 12:1 and a combustion chamber design based on the new K engine mean that combustion is effective and low in emissions, as well as ensuring reduced fuel consumption.

The already well-established toothed belt drive (F 650 CS) has been chosen as the rear wheel drive for the new model series. Being maintenance friendly, smooth-running and light, it provides the optimum in terms of durability, efficiency, space requirements and weight in this performance class. A closed-loop three-way catalytic converter, state-of-the-art digital engine electronics and optional ABS are of course available too.


· New mid-range sports tourer

Differences compared to F 800 S mid-range sportsbike:
· Oriented towards touring due to full fairing, high windshield, aluminium luggage rack and ergonomic touring seat position due to raised handlebars

Differing technical data of the F 800 S:
· Dry weight: less than 190 kg
· Road-ready weight: over 200 kg

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